Peter the great's naval fortress

The sea fortress of Peter the Great was built in 1912-1918 for the defense of St. Petersburg. If the sea defense was fully completed, Tallinn with its military port, the Gulf of Finland and Riga, as well as Saare and Hiiumaa would have been protected from the enemy. Due to the lack of money and the German invasion, the sea defense was never fully completed.

The sea fortress consisted of 6 different positions and in addition three sectors of the Tallinn land front.
The sea fortress:
Tahkuna-Hanko positsion
Turu-Ahvenamaa positsion
Tallinn-Porkkala positsion
Sõrve-Kõpu positsion
Meriküla-Rankkisaari positsion
Kroonlinna positsion
Land fortress:
I defense sector towards the west
II defense sector towards the south
III defense sector towards the east Learn more about the part of the fortress from: here(In Estonian)